Scent & Smoke is a community of smoking lovers. Are you looking for the best quality hubbly products and accessories that will give you the best hubbly experience? Or maybe looking to purchase some cigarettes for the coming month? Maybe even a scented candle or two to keep your house smelling fresh for the guests? At Scent & Smoke, we are committed to providing our members with an unforgettable customer experience, by giving unrivaled customer service and stocking a wide range of superior hubbly, cigarette, cigar and vape goods and accessories. Founded early in 2017, Scent & Smoke is Sandton’s favorite scented candle and smoke accessory and product shop. Scent & Smoke is a one stop shop where you’ll find the best range of products at incredible prices.
Scent & Smoke is 100% sure that you will have the most mind blowing hubbly sessions or even just a casual smoke after a long day at the office? We thrive under pressure and due to our success, we strive to keep only the best quality cigarettes, cigars, vapes, e-liquids, hookahs, scented candles and incense around. We cover all aspects of the smoking industry and our scented range is just a bonus on top of what we already offer! Scent & Smoke is based in Fourways Mall and Chilli Lane and has high hopes of expanding very soon!
If you’ve ever had a bad experience at a smoking product and accessories store – where you weren’t able to find the products you’ve seen overseas or had to drive around to a few different places to find everything you were looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. At Scent & Smoke, we are not an online store. If anyone intends to purchase products from Scent & Smoke, that person must be at least 18 years of age. We adhere to the legal requirements that all tobacco products must have health warnings. All relevant products will have the necessary health warnings in place as required under South African Law. At Scent & Smoke, we are firm believers that smoking is a choice that should be made by consenting adults only.
We, together with the largest part of the Tobacco Industry, support the government’s laws to ban the sale of tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18. For us, it’s not only about the end product but also the in-store experience that should be treasured forever. We want you to value every moment that will create a lasting impression. Be sure to contact us should you require anymore information by reaching out to us via our Contact Page or simply give us a call. Social media is the driving force behind a lot of companies and here at Scent & Smoke, we like to keep you connected on as many channels as possible! Click here to visit our Facebook page.